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Siblings Allie, Jaclyn and Trevor Blumas are Doomsquad. The Toronto-based “dark new age” outfit have just released their new LP, Kalaboogie via Hand Drawn Dracula and No Pain In Pop. This mesmerizing longer player is in the running for best late night album of 2014 here at GT HQ. Make sure you stream Kalaboogie in the wee hours for maximum hypnotic effect.


Streamable: Kalaboogie (soundcloud)

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You can purchase Kalaboogie @

Upcoming NYC Show:

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BONUS: I Hate Myself and Want to Die (Nirvana cover) (mp3)

[d/l the Milkin’ It Compilation @]

Doomsquad by Laura-Lynn PetrickDoomsquad-Kalaboogie

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