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CELEBRATER is Taylor Wingett. The Hong Kong via Seattle artist is getting ready to release his first tape under this particular moniker, but you may know him from his work with post-punk/no wave outfit FOOTWORK (whose EPs you can d/l for free right now).

While CELEBRATER maintains a punk aesthetic, this is not punk rock. The music of CELEBRATER is a swirling kaleidoscope of fucked up beats, tripped out samples, noise, and live instrumentation. The album title, Vibe Damager is totally apt. Find out why…


Downloadable: Tropical Dynamite (mp3)

You can preorder Vibe Damager cassette @ Preorders include immediate download of all 18 tracks off of Vibe Damager. The cassette ships right around March 28th.

CELEBRATER is on the internet
CELEBRATER is on Bandcamp

BONUS: You Get the Point (mp3) by FOOTWORK

vibe damager by celebrater

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