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London noise rockers Poino have a new LP available now via Horse Arm Records. The album is entitled Bon Ick Voyeur and it is filled with their particular brand of “creepy, anxious tension”.

Poino describe themselves thusly:

  • John Greenhorn – Bi-monocular drumbopticon pummel-horse. Exactly similar.
  • Ross Blake – Nine-sided collapsible mountain basstinado. Where dreams are made of.
  • Gaverick de Vis – Tiny, big, guitard hacking wheeze-hog. Adding flesh to the wound.

Poino sound like this:


Streamable: Ienod (bandcamp)

You can purchase Bon Ick Voyeur @ We recommend the gatefold vinyl!

Hopefully, Poino will travel across the pond and play some shows in NYC sometime soon.

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BONUS: Code Brown (mp3)

Poino and Piano
Bon Ick Voyeur by Poino

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