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Seattle industrial punks Haunted Horses have a new single that is the intial release from the Triple-Six 7″ Series put out via the Fainting Room Collective. The series is a collaboration between Seattle artists that pairs musicians and artists, and will also features releases by HH sister band Stickers (who will be touring the West Coast this fall with Pissed Jeans), as well as Bali Girls, The Family Curse, and Transmissionary. The cover art for “Servant” is a collab between photographer Libby Bulloff and Haunted Horser Myke Pelly. The single sounds like this.


Streamable: Servant (soundcloud)

Purchase the Triple Six 7″ Series from Fainting Room Collective @

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BONUS: White Eyes (mp3)

servant by haunted horses, cover art by libby bulloff and myke pelly

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