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The Monsieurs of Brookline, MA bring all the rock and roll and punk rock they have played before (Tunnel Of Love/Shepherdess/Fuzzy/Where My Beat Be At) and cram it all into the songs on their self-titled album and it just explodes. This is rock and roll that is coming apart to the seams. The good folks at Slovenly Recordings are releasing said album on the 28th of October (this year, 2014). Needless to say you should pick this up when it becomes available. Until then, here are some tracks from The Monsieurs that are streaming on the Slovenly bandcamp.


Streamable: S/T (bandcamp)

You can preorder the eponymous Monsieurs album on optical media and/or vinyl @

The Monsieurs are on Bandcamp
The Monsieurs are on Facebook
The Monsieurs are on Slovenly

TOL BONUS: Oh No (Yer Time Is Gonna Cum) (mp3) by Tunnel of Love

the monsiuers
the monsiuers s/t

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