contest :: The GIMME TINNITUS 5k Twitter Followers Contest Megapost

If you have been reading the GT twitter, you knew this was coming.

It’s the GIMME TINNITUS 5k Twitter Followers Contest.

A bunch of awesome/killer/rad labels have contributed a bunch of goodies to our contest jackpot. It is time to share said goodies with you, the GIMME TINNITUS reader/listener. Simply tweet or retweet this post and you are entered. Five winners will be chosen at random, and the jackpot will be divided up between them. The contest runs until December 1, 2014 when the winners will be picked.

What’s in it for the winners?

You will get some of the following music in either vinyl, cassette, CD or digital. Plus some additional swag.


Circle Into Square

Disposable America

Disposable Pop/Moon Sounds

End of Time

Exploding In Sound



(pink swirl version of the LP!!)


Fire Talk

Fleeting Youth

Gold Robot

I had An Accident

Mirror Universe

Money Fire

No Problem

Northern Spy

Telephone Explosion

And maybe more TK.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me with this blog through the years, bands, venues, fans, even PR ppl. I love you.

And even if you don’t enter, you can grab this little mini compilation of some of the music featured in this post all zipped up @> or dl individual tracks below.

“Everybody Wins” MP3 BONUS:

The Stale Breath of 1000 Lucrative Club Bangers (mp3) by Big Pauper

I Taught You (mp3) by Lost Film

Sunspots (mp3) by Kindling

Stop Having Fun (mp3) by Wimps

Dance Punk Revival School For Kids (mp3) by Grass is Green

Monster (mp3) by Flagland

Falling Down The Stairs (mp3) by Blank Realm

Sloppy Joes (mp3) by Vomitface

Harold Camping (mp3) by Le Rug

Gave Away & Broke (mp3) by Yalls

Portion Control (mp3) by Clean Girls

Stoned (mp3) by Grizzlor


Shocked (mp3) by Soupcans

GT 5k Followers Contest Jackpot

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