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Here it is, GIMME TINNITUS’ favorite songs from 2014. What follows is a compilation of all the tracks that have been stuck in my head throughout this last year. Make sure you scroll through the whole list, perhaps there is something down there that you missed?

You can play individual tracks using the tiny play buttons next to each mp3 link, OR you can stream all the songs with mp3 links on this page using the streampad player at the bottom of the page, OR you can just download any or all of the tracks at your leisure and play them using a digital media player of your choice. If there is no play button, click the link to stream the song via bandcamp/soundcloud/youtube.

Did I miss something totally awesome? Probably. Leave a comment and let me know. Have fun listening/downloading/streaming.


  1. Melee (mp3) by Multicult
  2. Come & See (mp3) by Protomartyr
  3. Sloppy Joes (mp3) by Vomitface
  4. Sweat Lodge (mp3) by Vulture Shit
  5. New by Priests
  6. Song 35 (mp3) by The Austerity Program
  7. flagburner (mp3) by nine of swords
  8. Outlet (mp3) by Stickers
  9. Rest Versus Rust by Spray Paint
  10. Portion Control (mp3) by Clean Girls
  11. 367 Equalizer by Guerilla Toss
  12. Police Cop (mp3) by Low Fat Getting High
  13. Sand Of Sea (mp3) by Cloud Becomes Your Hand
  14. Canal by RATKING
  15. Pantomime Jack (mp3) by Ed Schrader’s Music Beat
  16. Hungry Ghosts by Baked
  18. Golden Age Raps by Open Mike Eagle
  19. The Known Unknown (mp3) by The Skull Defekts
  20. Rash by BIG UPS
  21. Old Lake by The Blind Shake
  22. Bodies Made Of by Parquet Courts
  23. Offline Meet by Hive Bent
  24. Orderly by Eula
  25. Forces by High Desert
  26. 86’d In ’03 by Bent Shapes
  27. Peanut Butter by Krill
  28. Ghost Twin by blood sister
  29. taurus (mp3) by BBIGPIGG
  30. Daydream (mp3) by Ava Luna
  31. Displaced by Dirty Beaches
  32. Blood Will Run by Black Pus
  33. Tropical Dynamite (mp3) by CELEBRATER
  34. So You Know by Bleeding Rainbow
  35. Awake by Tycho
  36. Penetrating Eye by Thee Oh Sees
  37. Mercy Tongue (mp3) by Exocomet
  38. Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck) (Feat. Zack De La Rocha) (mp3) by Run The Jewels
  39. Glow Wreath by Aa
  40. Rustic Fog by Watter
  41. Sammy So-Sick by Grass is Green
  42. Falun Gong by THE MONSIEURS
  43. Kingdom Come by Pop. 1280
  44. It’s the Rundown (mp3) by CHEATS
  45. Party at the Wrong Time (mp3) by Wimps
  46. Everything’s Bigger by Speedy Ortiz
  47. 3D Dream (World Mix) by Jerry Paper
  48. #CAKE by Shabazz Palaces
  49. Disrupt yr DNA by Rat Fist
  50. Chrono Trigger by Roomrunner
  51. Wildflower (mp3) by Alexander Turnquist
  52. Human Worm (mp3) by Waylon Thornton
  53. Stark City by princess reason
  54. Insect Eyes by Nots
  55. You’re Shit (mp3) by Good Throb
  56. Wrestle by Sleeping Bag
  57. Rust by PC Worship
  58. Firehose Face by Naomi Punk
  59. Sunspots (mp3) by Kindling
  60. Demands by Birth (Defects)
  61. Words In Your Mouth by DeGreaser
  62. Dirt Stash by Sneeze
  63. Pro Anti Anti by Liars
  64. Like My Hair (mp3) by Big Neck Police
  65. Cover Me (mp3) by Parlor Walls
  66. PASS (mp3) by CP/M
  67. Little Joe by Bueno
  68. Drown (demo) (mp3) by Hunters
  69. Foulbrood by Two Inch Astronaut
  70. Derek’s Song by The Coathangers
  71. Lights Out (Live) by Screaming Females
  72. Lights Out Club by Ex-Cult
  73. Surveyor by Shellac
  74. Guatemala by Amanda X
  75. The Creep (mp3) by Sauna Heat
  76. Disorder by Meatbodies
  77. Death March (mp3) by Semi Femme
  78. aghast, anew, anon by christian fitness
  79. Party Girl (mp3) by DONE
  80. Juarez by Imperial Topaz
  81. Partaker (mp3) by Idiot Genes
  82. Stoned (mp3) by Grizzlor
  83. Me and Mine (mp3) by Mini Dresses
  84. Lawman (mp3) by Girl Band
  85. New Normal (mp3) by Blessed State
  86. Big Gulp (My Heart Won’t Go On) by Michael Sincavage
  87. Enough (mp3) by The Meltaways
  88. Welcome To The Sand by Matt Robidoux
  89. Hide My Love by 999999999
  90. Destination Of Choice (mp3) by Weed Hounds
  91. All Over The Years by Sleepies
  92. The Ghost (mp3) by Hank Wood & The Hammerheads
  93. Slacker AI by Alien Trilogy
  94. Bit of the Old (mp3) by Railings
  95. Clear Enough (mp3) by Curelight Wounds
  96. Walk The City by CRETIN GIRLS
  97. SLOW EYES (mp3) by VATS
  98. Cheap Heat by Mr. Dream
  99. Boys Are Dumb (mp3) by Bugs and Rats
  100. Ok, Lost by Orca Orca
  101. Driver (mp3) by Perfect Pussy
  102. Our Heavy Heart by Lia Mice
  103. Photograph (mp3) by Damaged Bug
  104. Psychic Pharmacy by Dinowalrus
  105. Uncle Sams Blues (Low Jack Remix) (mp3) by Eric Copeland
  106. Ungdomshuset by Advertising
  107. You Made Me Do That by CRUISING
  108. Seventeen by Wildhoney
  109. Modern Reach by Ex-Breathers
  110. Doomed Boy (mp3) by Super Medusa
  111. Sheltered by BLUFFING
  112. Cookies (mp3) by Whiskey Bitches
  113. Sniffin’ On It by Ian Kovac Jr Jr
  114. Big Summer (Summer Ale) by Shark?
  115. Biomonster DNA by Ultramantis Black
  116. Other Side (mp3) by Slow Animal
  117. Minimum Wage (mp3) by Bully Mammoth
  118. RNRFON (mp3) by Tense Men
  119. Peril (mp3) by Nandas
  120. Gagger (mp3) by The Beds
  121. On Leaving by Hookworms
  122. Press by Whirr
  123. Jerome (Liar) (mp3) by Joanna Gruesome
  124. 3am Coke Dream by Teardrop Factory
  125. R.I.P. Earth (mp3) by STEVE JR
  126. Dust (mp3) by Destruction Unit
  127. Jerk Party by Washer
  128. Torture by The Gun Hoes

DOWNLOAD (all the mp3s above):

If you like what you see/hear you should probably head over to your local independent record store and purchase some vinyl or tapes or maybe a CD or better yet buy directly from the band next time you go out to a show. If you just want the 0s and 1s, maybe head over to eMusic or Midheaven.

And you can check out the rest of the GIMME TINNITUS “best of” coverage using this link.

See you next year!

best of 2014 GIMME TINNITUS favorite songs

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