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Welcome to the GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time internet radio show, a biweekly program on Newtown Radio where I play some songs for you and stream them live over the internet. I don’t talk that much. Sometimes there are technical problems. Sometime there are guests. Sometimes both.

Here are the two latest GTRTs.

So, you can play the whole shows below or some of the individual tracks using the tiny play buttons next to each mp3 link, OR you can stream the whole page using the streampad player at the bottom of the page, OR you can just download any or all of the mp3s at your leisure and play them using a digital media player of your choice.


Downloadable: GTRT 12-7-14 :: GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time (mp3)

Here’s the playlist from the above show that features a playlist by Stephen Pierce aka @awfulideas of Kindling and AMPERE.

  1. Born For A Short Time by The Mae Shi
  2. [start Stephen’s playlist]

  3. So You Know by Bleeding Rainbow
  4. Fall In by Wildhoney
  5. 86’d in ’03 by Bent Shapes
  6. Silence by Power Pyramid
  7. Needles in the camels eyes by Brian Eno
  8. can’t wait for Summer by WORKING
  9. Tone Bender by Lilys
  10. Mercy Seat by Ultra Vivid Scene
  11. Blissbomb by The Cherry Wave
  12. Sweet Teeth (mp3) by Leggy
  13. Kiss The Eclipse by My Bloody Valentine
  14. New Identity Crisis by Sweet John Bloom
  15. Slow Summer by We Need Secrets
  16. Sally Wants by Henry’s Dress
  17. Too Real to Feel by Loop
  18. Nothing To Be Done by The Pastels
  19. Put To Death (mp3) by LONGINGS
  20. Heroes and Villains by The Pooh Sticks
  21. Jeremy Parker by Swirlies
  22. [end Stephen’s playlist]

  23. In Defense of Humans (version) by Fugazi
  24. Hazardville by New Radiant Storm King
  25. Let It Ride by Dinosaur Jr.
  26. Bleeder by Dieselmeat
  27. snow ii by nine of swords
  28. It’s the Rundown by CHEATS
  29. Radio Tokyo by Hookworms
  30. PANOPTICON (mp3) by Meat Wave
  31. Monochromatic by Nots
  32. Cookies by Whiskey Bitches
  33. Center by QUARTERBACKS
  34. Dudley by Le Rug
  35. Possible Lungs by Spray Paint
  36. please brain drugs by pygmy shrews
  37. Odd by PC Worship
  38. Slow by Roomrunner
  39. No New Friends by Clean Girls
  40. Rice Is Nice by mclusky
  41. Lights Out by Jail Solidarity

Downloadable: GTRT 12-21-14 :: GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time (mp3)

Here’s our best of 2014 playlist with special guests EULA! plus selections from @tedmcgrath, @crankykramer, and @cleangirls666.

  1. Song 35 by The Austerity Program
  2. Hungry Ghosts by Baked
  3. Rash by BIG UPS
  4. Old Lake by The Blind Shake
  5. Portion Control by Clean Girls
  6. Sand Of Sea by Cloud Becomes Your Hand
  7. Pantomime Jack by Ed Schrader’s Music Beat
  8. Orderly by Eula
  9. 367 Equalizer by Guerilla Toss
  10. Offline Meet by Hive Bent
  11. Pro Anti Anti by Liars
  12. Police Cop by Low Fat Getting High
  14. Melee by Multicult
  15. flagburner by nine of swords
  16. Bodies Made Of by Parquet Courts
  17. New by Priests
  18. Come & See by Protomartyr
  19. Canal by RATKING
  20. The Known Unknown by The Skull Defekts
  21. Rest Versus Rust by Spray Paint
  22. Outlet by Stickers
  23. Sloppy Joes by vomitface
  24. Sweat Lodge by Vulture Shit
  25. Couches (mp3) by Wimps
  26. #CAKE by Shabazz Palaces
  27. Insect Eyes by Nots
  28. Firehose Face by Naomi Punk
  29. Sunspots by Kindling
  30. Drown (demo) by Hunters
  31. Mercy Tongue by Exocomet
  32. taurus by BBIGPIGG
  33. 86’d In ’03 by Bent Shapes
  34. Daydream by Ava Luna
  35. Take A Dip by Weaves (selected by Alyse of Eula)
  36. Kingdom of Beauty by Courtship Ritual (selected by Alyse of Eula)
  37. EASY by GOLD DIME (selected by Alyse of Eula)
  38. uptight Downtown by La Roux (selected by @tedmcgrath of The Flag)
  39. Enough (mp3) by The Meltaways
  40. Partaker (mp3) by Idiot Genes
  41. Dog Food Dick (mp3) by Good Throb
  42. Crystal Ball by Apache Dropout (selected by Stephen of EULA and Clean Girls)
  43. Haxel Princess by Cherry Glazerr (selected by @crankykramer)

The next show is today @ 4PM EST and will feature me playing some cassette sides.

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