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Now, I know it’s 2015, but let’s look back at 2014 one more time. Here are all things I meant to post but just did not have the time. This is the End of Year Dump 2014.

First up is the excellent Doubting Thomas Cruise Control/Slushies split 7″. Grab it over at Duckbill Recs.

RIP Mr. Dream. The brooklyn postpunks and progenitors of GODMODE Recs released their last recordings in 2014, including this one “Cheap Heat”. Grab the tape!

Koff Recordings put out an excellent and raucous tape last year by Earth Rod. Grab it.

Madison, WI Zinncore punks Tyranny Is Tyranny released their new album Let It Come From Whom It May on vinyl and CD and they made the digital pay what you want. Purchase in the format of your choice.

Continuing with more midwest punkkk… the Chicago posthardcore outfit Fake Limbs released (the Bob Weston mastered) The Power of Patrician Upbringing last year. Get it digitally or on vinyl from BLVD Recs.

DDIILLIIAANN dropped his BED-STUYLE /mixtape/ last year. You can pick up the tape (or pay what you want for the digital) at International Winners.

Slovenly Records killed it last year (cough Hobocop cough The Monsieurs cough), but somehow I neglected their releases by Useless Eaters and Thee MPVs. Sorry.

Harrisonburg, VA trancepunks, Malatese blew me away to Death by Audio when I saw them play there last year. You can buy their EP, Animal Relief digitally from the band or on tape from Bad Grrrrl Recs.

AND Malatese is presently streaming tracks from their new EP, Dry Rot Resident.

Hamilton, CA noisepunks, WTCHS released a tape last year called It’s Not A Cross, It’s A Curse! via a label trifecta of Sonic Unyon/Out Of Sound/PERDU. Purchase it at the WTCHS bandcamp.

Finally, I totally neglected the awesomeness of Bloomington, IN label Magnetic South. Let’s just highlight their releases from Psychic Baos, Thee Tsunamis and Apache Dropout.

I am probably leaving something out here, so leave a comment and tell me what I should have posted about last year. Thanks for reading/listening.
the end of year dump

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