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Austin, TX doomy shoegazers Single Lash are putting out an excellent self-titled 62 minute album that is both dark and hypnotic. The music of Single Lash of springs forth from one Nicolas Nadeau (also of Slow Pulse) who is backed here by Colin Foster and Neil Lord (of Future Museums). The album has a C86 core that is plastered with fuzz and noise and features Nadeau haunting voice floating around it. Single Lash will be available to the public on April 7 via Mirror Universe Tapes. This right here is side one, track one. I don’t think I need to tell you, but turn this up, ok?


You can preorder the Single Lash cassette at or

You can also stream the mp3 of “Drown” over at 20 Jazz Funk Greats.

Single Lash is on Bandcamp
Single Lash is on Facebook
Single Lash is on Hype Machine
Single Lash is on Mirror Universe
Single Lash is on Pour Le Corps

BONUS: Stowaway (mp3) (via Without A Trace)

single lash
single lash

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