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Jared of Vomitface sent us these answers to our questions in this next edtion of q and also a. Preetma says “I also hate everything”.
q: What is the last song you (really) heard?

a: Walking home last night I was listening to Ex Models “Sex Automata.” I like that noise rock can be so danceable.

q: What is your most common reaction to hearing your own music?

a: It’s always a critical listen. I never just jam out to myself like some sort of narcissist. But we do listen back to our songs in this constant decision making process of whether or not we are pleased with the final product. Watching someone else listen to it for the first time in front of you is also just pure torture.
q: How did you choose your band name?

a: Band names aren’t important at all, and it’s only a matter of time before that cluster of words is just what your band is called and no longer what those words mean in an independent context. We, I suppose, are still making it over that hurdle where people are still warming up to our name. The actual moment that the name was originated was at a party or get-together or something, where Preetma and I had told a circle of people that we were starting a band. The obvious subsequent question was, “What’s the name of your band?” And Preetma, drunk and just fucking with them, said “Vomitface” without hesitation. She got the same goofy, surprised reactions that we still get when people hear it. We decided to keep it, since it kind of encapsulated our whole attitude or whatever. Also weeded out the lame kids from being into us.
q: What is your favorite artist/band(s) to see live?

a: This will certainly be different for different members. I really love to see improvisational noise and free jazz, because it’s satisfying in such a unique way. You’re watching the whole thing unfold for the first time in this tumultuous catharsis. It’s more exploratory than typical performance and certainly bolder. I really love Nate Wooley and C. Spencer Yeh. Once I saw them both at Union Pool playing in a quartet with Colin Stetson and Ryan Sawyer. The set was brilliant. I talk about that one a lot.

q: What piece(s) of culture are you really really excited about right now?

a: I am not excited about anything that is exclusively of American culture. Especially not of New York.
q: What’s either really over-rated or really under-rated right now?

a: Brooklyn is over-rated, and is continuing a longstanding New York tradition of the more successful artists coming from wealthy, connected families, while the more substantial artists from less advantageous backgrounds are struggling to even make rent. I can’t blame you for being rich or famous before you make your band, but you’re crowding an already over-saturated scene and taking away potential opportunities from more deserving acts just because you can or need some project to satisfy your ego.

Brooklyn has a lot of “DIY” venues that have been great to us, and we love those spots. But when New Yorkers really want to talk about how great Brooklyn DIY is, it’s just fucking hilarious, because a lot of those spaces are operated with more exclusivity and competition than legal, legitimate venues. I come from an actual DIY scene where we had no where else to play our noisy music because the bars and rednecks hated us. It was more out of necessity than vanity that we hosted those shows. There are some great ones in Brooklyn, though, and it’s great that they are there for underage kids. But I don’t know why the rich faux-bohemians have to play them too, since they’re dads probably own bars in Manhattan that they can play “wock band” in.
q: Anything we should know about your latest project (whatever that might be)?

a: We have a new EP coming out May 12 on Boxing Clever. It kind of serves as a precursor to an LP coming out in the fall. We’ll be recording that LP with Steve Albini in the summer. Around all that we will be touring the west coast and midwest a lot. Our release show in the hotbed of culture known as Brooklyn will be May 7th at Shea Stadium.

Preorder @ http://boxingcleverrecords.com/store/anotherbadyear
Upcoming Shows:

  • 5/7 @ Shea Stadium
  • 5/19 @ Abbey’s Pub (Jersey City)
  • 5/27 @ The Grand Victory

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