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Camille of TEAR (formerly of Throwing Up) sent us these answers to our questions in this next installment of q and also a.
q: What is the last song you (really) heard?

a: Faron Young – I bought the shoes on your feet, i listened to it properly the other day and the words are so awful i had to turn it off. It’s about a man who went out with a woman who didn’t have a lot of possessions so he bought her some clothes and because of this he feels like he owns her. She gets a new boyfriend and Faron somehow feels that the fact that she’s still wearing the shoes he bought her ‘means’ something. It’s a totally fucked up point of view.

q: What is your most common reaction to hearing your own music?

a: At first it’s usually this is amazing then i start to hear everything with this critical ear and i can’t listen anymore.
q: What is your favorite artist/band to see live?

a: I’m almost embarrassed to say this, the best thing i saw this year was when I went to see Fleetwood Mac on my birthday which was amazing but that kind of stadium show is a weird thing and not something I’d say was particularly enjoyable in and of itself. I was just swept away with the nostalgia and romance of them being on stage together playing these songs that I’ve listened to hundreds of times.

q: What is your favorite venue (in NYC, if applicable)?

a: In NYC we’ve had some good nights at LIT and cake shop. Is LIT still open? We live in London so we’re not there very often! Here all the good venues are closing down so my favourite place to play is our studio which is a converted public toilet.
q: What piece(s) of culture are you really really excited about right now?

a: I wouldn’t say I’m excited by it but the state of the environment and the situation in the middle east seem to me to be the most important things relating to our culture in the bigger sense right now. In terms of artistic culture I think the most exciting stuff is whats happening with identity post-internet and online communication with other people, robots with artificial intelligence, life elsewhere in the universe, ok that’s not art but it’s exciting! The most unexciting thing is Banksy’s Dismaland, you didn’t ask but I’m telling you anyway.

q: Anything we should know about your latest project (whatever that might be)?

My new band is TEAR.. the music’s simple, guitar, bass, drums it’s really moody.

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