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Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser has been up to two things: shreddin and chillin mad hard. Perhaps you picked up his latest LP, Venus In Pisces at the end of last year? The album has been described as “the ultimate ‘Van Halen break-up record’ filled with unabashed KISS worship” and “a breakup record about going from ‘Sad Boi to Bad Boi.’” Sounds about right.

Well, now the album is getting a Valentine’s Day tri-release on cassette via Lolipop Records, Bufu Records and Gnar Tapes <3 <3 <3!

To celebrate we have the new music video for Record Store Babe in which the band shreds all over Radio-Active Records in FLA-la-land. Like this…

You can stream up Venus In Pisces below…

Pick up the tape @

And make sure you check out the Lolipop Recs Youtube.
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Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser is on Bufu Records
Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser is on Gnar Tapes
Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser is on Lolipop Records

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