audio stream :: Clean Girls /// Jail Solidarity Split Tape

This tape. This new Clean Girls/Jail Solidarity split is essential listening, especially on a day like today. This is catharsis. I am so glad I am able to share this with you now.


Mirror Universe sister label, Serenity Now is releasing the tape on July 13 (but copies will be available for sale at two split release shows in weekend in DC and NYC). You can preorder the tape now @

I asked Steph of Clean Girls what lead to this release. Her response…

[Clean Girls] shared a bill with Jail Solidarity for the first time in 2014. We quickly hit it off not only as musicians who admired each other, but as friends. We are all humans who dwell in dark feelings, who think deeply, and who possess a sense of humor that is not very visible in the music we make. It was only a matter of time before we collaborated. This split has been a long time coming.

These songs reflect a lot of confusion and disgust: with the callousness of others, with societal institutions, and sometimes with ourselves. Some of us were wading in the mire of painful experiences and painful memories during the writing process. But what you also find here is the struggle for hope, for resistance, the feeling of standing on the precipice. The feeling of knowing that the only way out is through, even if you are terrified to go there. Thank you for visiting this place with us.

Those split release shows:

Clean Girls are on Bandcamp
Clean Girls are on Facebook
Clean Girls are on Serenity Now
Clean Girls are on Accidental Guest
Clean Girls are on Serious Business
Jail Solidarity is on Bandcamp
Jail Solidarity is on Facebook
Jail Solidarity is on Accidental Guest
Clean Girls and Jail Solidarity are both on YEAR


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