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We are super excited to share these new Sleeping Bag recordings with you right now. Their new tape, Demos From the Deep, is set to be released by Bloomington, IN’s own Let’s Pretend Records. The release is limited to 100 translucent green slime colored tapes! These recordings are totally fuzzed out and much less glossy than previous SB recordings. We asked Sleeping Bag songwriter in chief Dave Segedy why…

i had these demos i was playing for our guitarist, showing him what he thought and thinking we would go into the studio with them, and he was like “dude, this IS the final product,” and i started to see it from his perspective. i think the songs shine thru, and i was also getting sick of the polished clean sound


you will see at least one of these demos re-recorded in the studio, “let the spider chill”


And if you need visual stimulation, watch this music video for Overtime

sleeping bag
You can preorder the tape or you can buy a tape directly from the band as they WILL be selling these tapes on their upcoming tour.
Tour dates:

  • August 6th – The Comet (Cincinnati, OH)
  • August 7th – Spacebar (Columbus, OH)
  • August 9th – Mr. Roboto Project (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • August 12th – Silent Barn (Brooklyn, NY)
  • August 13th – Gold Sounds (Brooklyn, NY)
  • August 16th – Now That’s Class (Cleveland, OH)
  • August 18th – FooBar (Nashville, TN)

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demos of the deep

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