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Chad of Halifax, Nova Scotia shoegazers Kestrels sent us these answers to our questions in this next installment of q and also a.
q: What is the last song you (really) heard?

a: I was just listening to “Wild Honey” from the Brian Wilson and Friends live album. Blondie Chaplin sings lead. I saw the Pet Sounds tour three times this year and that song hasn’t left my head since. I’m pretty deep into the Beach Boys right now. It’s really easy to be a lazy Beach Boys fan and just listen to the 64-67 stuff, but some of the 70s stuff is great. I really like the Love You record right now. “Mona” is such a good song: a reflection of pure id. I know honesty in terms of recorded music is pretty rare because the recording process is so artificial but it’s a feeling I would like to chase in the future. I really admire Brian Wilson.

q: What is the first album you remember purchasing?

a: First cassette was Michael Jackson’s Bad but I believe that was a gift. The first record I bought with my own money was probably Insomniac by Green Day or Incesticide by Nirvana. I remember my friends and I being really into how “heavy” the Nirvana record was. We didn’t really have much context at the time. It was a matter of going to the record store and rifling through the shelves. When I found out that Incesticide was a compilation/outtakes/b-sides record I got really into collecting rarities by the bands I loved.



q: Is there an album you wished you knew about when you were younger?

a: I would say Red by King Crimson. My modern fiction professor suggested I check it out and I was really blown away. It’s a perfect document. So strange, frightening, and engrossing. I had pretty bad tunnel vision as a young person and probably would have turned away from King Crimson simply because of the genre. I stole the title of “Starless” for the song “Temples” on our new record as a hat-tip.

q: What is the last album that you purchased?

a: I just got Episodic by Field Mouse and it is very good. We played with them at Kung Fu Necktie in 2014 and I’ve followed them since. The singer has a great voice and the melodies are so pleasing.

q: What is your favorite memory of experiencing music in a live setting?

a: I actually had the chance to write about it for The Talkhouse. As I mentioned, I saw Brian Wilson three times this year. The final time was in Detroit and I actually met him. The Fox Theatre was the perfect setting for the show and it was a very emotional night.
q: What piece(s) of culture are you really really excited about right now?

a: In no order: Heroes of the Frontier by Dave Eggers, Everywhere Else by Kindling, Things Take Time by Soft Spot, the novels of David Markson, Fantasma by Cornelius, Rob Delaney, Sean Nelson at The Stranger, The Secret History of Twin Peaks, and I’m really excited to start Black Mirror.



q: Anything we should know about your latest project (whatever that might be)?

a: The new Kestrels LP is out now and we’re super happy about it: kestrels.bandcamp.com.

Oh and you can watch the music video for Descent of Their Last End

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