best of 2016 :: 29 Favorite Music Videos

You know that I always wait until the very end of December to do my “best of” coverage, and this year I’m starting later than ever! Woo.

So, let’s start things off with the best music videos of the past year.

Couches by Wimps


National Parks by Big Ups


D.O.B. by The Soupcans


Pink White House by Priests


Passionate One by SMILING


Shooter by Clipping.


I Know I Know I Know by Not Waving


Rings by Aesop Rock


Bebop Radiohaus by Operator Music Band


In Our Stillness by Sic Tic


Become Younger by Peals


Senior Pictures by Vomitface


Time Tells Me by Pony Time


Inherently Low by NOTS


Mend by Washer


28 by Courtship Ritual


Big Deal Party by Jackal Onasis


Another Chore by MUUY BIIEN


Special Glands by Navy Gangs


Angry Christmas by DOOMSDAY STUDENT


Every Night You’ve Got To Save Me by Mass Gothic


Record Store Babe by Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser


Blank Stare by Solids


T.O.D.D. by Wolf Eyes

I Am a Problem: Mind in Pieces

Perfume by Guerilla Toss


JZIII by New Fries


Nosebleed Weekend by The Coathangers


Guilty by Dirty Dishes


Pure Pleasure by Earring

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