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Julian, Jon and Mike of Hellrazor sent us these answers to our questions in this final installment of the q and also a for 2016.
q: What is the last song you (really) heard?

julian: The Frightnrs “What Have I Done”

jon: We played with Millions Of Boys in Omaha the other night. I didn’t catch the name of their last song, but I’ll go with that one.

mike: Good Morning “Warned You”. Either that or CupcakKe “Jesus”.

q: What is the last album that you purchased?

julian: Surface To Air Missive “A V”.

mike: I recently got the new tapes from Fond Han & Stove. My car has a tape deck so I’ve been trying to pick up more of those. I think the last record I bought was a bootleg of Rihanna’s “ANTI,” which I assumed would never be released on vinyl but has since been issued more officially.

q: What is the first album you remember purchasing?

mike: I’m never sure how to answer this question because I was always handed down a lot of records and CDs from family members. I know for sure that Pearl Jam “vs.” was the first time I asked my parents to drive me to the mall so I could buy an album on its release date.
julian: Operation Ivy “Energy”.
jon: The Ramones “Pleasant Dreams”. I think I was 15 because it was right when I started working.
q: Is there an album you wished you knew about when you were younger?

mike: Eric B & Rakim “Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em”. It reminds me of In Living Color and Season 1 of The Simpsons.
jon: Wu-Tang Clan “36 Chambers”. When this came out, I only listened to what my friends showed me. It’s annoying knowing that it existed this whole time.
julian: Os Mutantes “Self-Titled”. I wish I knew weirder music when I was younger.
q: What is your favorite memory of experiencing music in a live setting?

jon: Melt Banana & Grass Is Green at TT The Bears, October 2011.
mike: System Of A Down, Summer 2002 in New York. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that it was actually part of an all day K-Rock show at Jones Beach. Korn, Incubus and Jimmy Eat World were all great. And yes, P.O.D. were there, who were amazing in their own special way. System Of A Down closed the whole show and were one of the most explosive, exciting things I’ve ever seen.
julian: Charles Bradley at The Apollo Theater. It was a showcase of bands from that label. Sharon Jones and Sugarman 3 played. And it was very cool to see all of them at The Apollo.
q: What piece(s) of culture are you really really excited about right now?

jon: I’m really excited for the next season of Twin Peaks and the Dave Chappelle specials. Pile has a new album coming out soon.
mike: I’m really excited for Rick & Morty Season 3.

Ed. Note: The above footage is not from Rick & Morty Season 3, but you should watch it anyway.
jon: I’m seeing Norm MacDonald next month.
mike: We’ve been listening to Norm’s podcasts in the van a lot.
julian: I love that A Tribe Called Quest has been releasing new music.

mike: I’m really excited about a lot of the recent hiphop to come out of Chicago like Noname and Joey Purp.


jon: Season 2 of Berserk comes out soon. The last season of South Park was pretty good.
mike: Yeah, we all love the Member Berries. We wanna have a party with them.
q: Anything we should know about your latest project (whatever that might be)?

mike: I’m not sure what this refers to. We’re all in other bands that are working on other music or planning to work on other music. Julian’s band The Screw-Ups has a new album that just came out. My other band Speedy Ortiz has new music we’ve been working on. We’d like to have another Hellrazor album out in 2017 too.

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