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Parlor Walls fantastic full length debut on Northern Spy Records officially comes out tomorrow but we have a full album stream to share with you right now!


You can purchase Opposites at
We talked with Alyse about her band and the new album…
What was it like transitioning from EULA to Parlor Walls?

It was a pretty fluid process because I always try to keep my creativity flowing like an open conduit. I listen to it and nurture it wherever it takes me. When I met Chris [Mulligan], we both had a strong desire to immerse ourselves in noise… swirls and swirls of beautiful noise. It was very therapeutic. We continued exploring and experimenting with different sounds and shapes, and seeing how far we could push a song before it crumbles.
What was the inspiration for this album?

Opposition was our inspiration. We wanted to take two opposing sounds, one on each end of the spectrum, and make them coexist together. We wanted to push dissonance as far as it could go into the land of harmony. And going even further… what does it sound like when these two opposing figures are on the verge of collapse? My lyrics are about this too – a lot of fighting, a lot of opposition. It’s reflective of the current climate we live in.
Was there anything in particular that attracted you to Northern Spy?

I discovered Northern Spy when I first moved to Brooklyn. I got a job in a record store and we stocked their records. They were consistently putting out incredible music… I was exposed to so many amazing artists. It’s a dream to be working with them!
What should we know about the release show?

The release show is tonight at Sunnyvale (in Brooklyn). We have the super(b)group of Arian Shafiee, Justin Frye, and Booker Stardrum heating things up around 9pm, followed by The (incredible) Dreebs. There will be a few surprises here and there. Expect the finest aural and visual pleasures that we have to offer :)
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