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Joey DeFrancesco of the post punky new project La Neve (and Downtown Boys and Malportado Kids and The Spark Mag) sent us these answers to our questions in this next installment of q and also a.
q: What is the last song you (really) heard?

I had to rent a small car for my tour this weekend because my van broke down (as always seems to happen right before touring) and the car came with satellite radio and there’s a great Soul station this song came on “Yes I’m Ready” by Barbara Mason and I hadn’t heard it before and she has the most incredible voice I’ve heard on a recording in a while. She has such control that she’s able to play with the delivery in really compelling ways. So that’s one I’ve been obsessed with the last couple days.

q: What is the last album that you purchased?

The last album I bought was the latest Tribe Called Quest record “We Got it From Here…” We were talking about it in the studio a bunch while recording the upcoming Downtown Boys record last month.

q: Do you have a “go to” karaoke song?

I switch it up a lot but once everyone is already sort of psyched up I’m a big fan of singing YMCA at karaoke.

q: What is your favorite food/drink right now?

Probably emergen-c cause I’ve got some kind of disgusting bug I’m just getting over.
q: How did you choose the name of your current project?

It’s my middle name – La Neve – which is also my mom’s last name. It means “snow” in Italian (like “nieve” in spanish). Growing up I hated the name but now I like it.
q: What should we know about American Sounds?

I had done more conventional drag acts when I was younger, and I’ve wanted to get back into that sort of performance but in a way that felt more sincere to myself, so this came out of needing to allow myself to be that person again more fully. I’m hoping the album and the project can be one more small piece of resistance telling the right that queer people are not going to disappear and that we’re actually gonna take up all their fucking space.

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