best of 2017 (so far) :: Volume One

DAMN. It is like more than half way through May, so I guess it’s time to start looking back at 2017. Usually, I would have started this process already, but this is not a usual year, right?

Here are some essential recordings from this year so far. This is Volume One of the best of 2017.

Trails and Trials by Noveller

purchase: A Pink Sunset For No One (fire reocords)
Shoplifters by Complainer

purchase: Floodplain (already dead tapes)
Cover Me by Parlor Walls

purchase: Opposites (northern spy)
Blank Touch by PC Worship

purchase: Buried Wish (northern spy)
Shit on the parkway by Mary Bell

purchase: s/t LP (le turc mecanique/danger)
Strike a Match by SACRED PAWS

purchase: Strike a Match (rock action)

“You Know San Francisco, Don’t You?” by Baked (feat. Luke from Bueno)

purchase: Farnham (EiS)
Kite by Breeze

purchase: s/t Cassette
Pink White House by PRIESTS

purchase: Nothing Feels Natural (sister polygon)
Tall Glass of Water by Tim Darcy

purchase: Saturday Night (jagjaguwar)
Slacker A.I. by Alien Trilogy

purchase: Rat Damage (kitty play)
Bang. (Peals Remix) by The Flag

purchase: BangBangBang EP (geographic north)
Claims Nonexistence by Kindling

purchase: No Generation (old flame)
My Dickies by Urochromes

purchase: Night Bully EP (wharf cat)
Creative Tube Bending by Operator Music Band

purchase: Puzzlephonics I & II (new professor)
American Sounds by La Neve

purchase: American Sounds (don giovanni)
Hole In The Ground by Helium

purchase: Ends with And (matador)
Fortune Cookies by fraidycat

purchase: Other Better Places (gp stripes)
To Be Swayed by Meat Wave

purchase: The Incessant (side one dummy)
Texas by Pile

purchase: A Hairshirt of Purpose (EiS)

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