best of 2017 (so far) :: Volume Two

Here are some of the essential recordings from this year so far. This is Volume Two of the best of 2017.

Burn It Down by Crown Larks

Pay What You Want: Population
The IRS by Mux Mool

Pay What You Want: Implied Lines
Can’t Hardly Wait by Kindling

Purchase: Kindling / Kestrels Split
Regrow by Cloak

Purchase: We Will All Be Equal Soon
Each To Each by Arto Lindsay

Purchase: Cuidado Madame
slap bass hunks by christian fitness

Purchase: slap bass hunks
No Left Hand Turn by VVV

Purchase: Why El Paso Sky
Obviously, I Shouldn’t Be Doing This by Ubetcha

Purchase: The Piss Olympics
The Gaze by XETAS

Purchase: The Tower
Negative Loop by BLEEDSIDE

Pay What You Want: s/t TAPE 2017
Running by Crusher

Purchase: ENDS EP

Purchase: EP 2
Nerve Center by Open City

Purchase: s/t
TRASH by Show Me The Body

Purchase: BODY WAR
American Piss by US Weekly

Purchase: s/t
due process by fluoride

Pay What You Want: s/t
With a Cherry on Top by Sneaks

Purchase: It’s a Myth
B Boys Anthem by B Boys

Purchase: Dada
Can You Please Not Help by Two Inch Astronaut

Purchase: Can You Please Not Help
Talkin’ Shit by Piss Test

Purchase: LPII

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