audio stream :: Sleepies > I Wanna Holler (Gary U.S. Bonds Cover)

Hey, were you listening when Tom from Mirror Universe premiered the new Sleepies cover of Gary U.S. Bonds’ “I Wanna Holler” on GTRT the other week? (GTRT 9-10-17 @ 01:29:40 FYI)
Well, now you can stream that track right here on GIMME TINNITUS! Just hit the play button on this handy streaming widget dealie…

Sleepies‘ new EP, Melt To You, is set to be released on 9/29 via Mirror Universe Tapes.

Preorder Melt To You @

Or you can just buy a tape at The Glove on 9/29. Sleepies and Sodium Beast are having a co-release party w/ Chat Logs and c’yotes also on the bill.


Oh and also, listen to the new Sodium Beast here and preorder here, ok?
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Melt to You EP by Sleepies

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