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Hey, here is the latest episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time. Good Stuff.
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The Playlist for 11/19/17:

  1. Miegs Field (At Dawn) by SECRETWARS
  2. Flag Day by Aa
  3. Columbidae by Trabajo
  4. TV Do Dub by Guerilla Toss vs Jay Glass Dubs
  5. Groundhogs Day by billy woods
  6. Up All Night by Beck
  7. Realistic Saturation by Operator Music Band
  8. Horoscopes by Grooms
  9. Labor Days by Blush
  10. Pearly by Palm
  11. 95 by Flesh Desperate
  12. Hot Topic by Fits
  13. It’s All Mine by NATURAL VELVET
  14. New Thing To Do by Woolen Men
  15. Fig by Bethlehem Steel
  16. What a Time to Be Alive by Superchunk
  17. Don’t Start by The Cherry Wave
  18. We’re Doing Fine by No Honeymoon
  19. Wherever by Kindling
  20. I Wanna Die by Chomper
  21. The Hype by Shopping
  22. Ambulance by Russian Baths
  23. Adventure by Kal Marks
  24. Flint by Big Heet
  25. Under The Screw by Quicksand
  26. Vessel by Haunted Horses
  27. The Falling Sun by A Place To Bury Strangers
  28. Punk Song by Margins
  29. The Order by Exit Order
  30. Walk Away by Super Unison
  31. Revolver II by ZULUS
  32. Cauterize by exhalants
  33. Kronus Deposed by Krallice with Dave Edwardson
  34. رئيسك بش رئيس “Your President, Not a President” by HARAM
  35. As The Worm Turns by Faith No More
  36. We Care A Lot by Faith No More



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