stream these :: Hot Snakes + Russian Baths + No Age + Unlikely Friends + JoyBoy + Joe Biden + Employed To Serve + Eric Copeland + Eleanor + lost boy ? + Bikini Cops + Dilian + Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys

So, here is another round up of all the necessary audio/video streams from the somewhat recent past. I’m pretty sure that I am leaving something out, so leave a comment and let me know what’s missing (or not).

Six Wave Hold-Down by Hot Snakes

Slenderman by Russian Baths

Send Me by No Age

Crooked Numbers by Unlikely Friends

(as in)
The JoyBoy/Joe Biden Good Ole Fashioned American Hardcore Split

joe biden
Employed To Serve Half Life (Live at THE LAB)

Mixer Shredder (LNS Remix) by Eric Copeland

IF I SAY I DO by Eleanor

Dialogue Runner by lost boy ?

Three 7″ by Bikini Cops

Here’s a couple more releases I missed in 2017:
Young BMX by Dilian

Rot by Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys

And I did not even mention…

AND remember there’s always lots to stream at the GIMME TINNITUS Soundcloud or the GT Youtubes, and also at the GT Tumblr too.

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