gofundme :: The Glove Needs Some Love

Hey, The Glove needs some love. You like going to shows in a non-corporate environment? Well, help support the best DIY spot in NYC.

Follow the link below, ok?


Give what you can.
Also, GO See Palberta there tonight! (with Potted Plant, Vegetators and GOD’S WISDOM)

Oh and here’s some photos of some bands I’ve seen at The Glove. Memoriesss…

operator music band at the glove

Operator Music Band


woodhull at the glove



essi at the glove



the flag 2.0 at the glove

The Flag


mezzanine swimmers at the glove

Mezzanine Swimmers


fits halloween at the glove



sediment club at the glove

Sediment Club


uniform at the glove


The Glove is on the internet (site hasn’t updated since 2016 tho)
The Glove is on Facebook
The Glove is on Oh My Rockness
the glove

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