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Hey, here is the latest episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time.
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The Playlist for 4/22/18:

  1. The Hype by Shopping
  2. Big Clicks by Alien Trilogy
  3. private temple hours ft YOUNGMAN by scallops hotel
  4. We’re Set Up by Water From Your Eyes
  5. Morse Code by tape deck mountain
  6. Weight Loss (Henry’s Dream) by EXEK
  7. Young BMX by Dilian
  8. Louis Warship by Mezzanine Swimmers
  9. Tidal by No Age
  10. Control by SCUMRAID
  11. Attempts by SECT MARK
  12. Romantic (Mannequin Pussy cover) by Maneka
  13. GUSH by Busdriver
  14. Esp Ion Age by Portal
  15. Out Of Body by ESSi
  16. Grand Bargain! by Poster Children
  17. Slenderman by Russian Baths
  18. Dog Milk by Palm
  19. Motivate by Media Jeweler
  20. PO Box by Preening
  21. What a Time to Be Alive by Superchunk
  22. PSY OPS by Ganser
  23. Wide Awake by Parquet Courts
  24. Gone (ft. Open Mike Eagle) by The Skull Eclipses
  25. Skim Milk by Flasher
  26. There’s Only One Of Us by A Place To Bury Strangers
  27. Trichotillomania by SICK SHIT
  28. Low Vulture by Parlor Walls
  29. 23 by SOUL GLO
  30. Hikikomori by ILSA
  31. The Anti-Self by Gangus
  32. Backhanded Interest by Greber
  33. Dancing On Glass by Soft Kill
  34. PPP by BIG UPS
  35. Excuse Generator by Lithics
  36. My Killer by The Dreebs


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gtrt 4-22-18

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