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Hey, here is the latest episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time.

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The Playlist for 5/6/18:

  1. Black Hole Party by Thousand Foot Whale Claw
  2. Sanyo Loop by Lee Noble
  3. Habitation by Head Technician
  4. Raindrops by Daedelus
  5. Priorities by Kate Mohanty (from Wharfcat’s ACLU Benefit Compilation)
  6. Shimmer n’ Shine by The Men (from Wharfcat’s ACLU Benefit Compilation)
  7. When No One Cares by Pop 1280 (from Wharfcat’s ACLU Benefit Compilation)
  8. Dissident by Psychic Blood (from Wharfcat’s ACLU Benefit Compilation)
  9. B and the Electric Kill by The Sediment Club (from Wharfcat’s ACLU Benefit Compilation)
  10. Ankles by Weeping Icon (from Wharfcat’s ACLU Benefit Compilation)
  11. When I Come by Palberta (from Wharfcat’s ACLU Benefit Compilation)
  12. Roach Goin’ Down by Palberta
  13. Park After Dark by SIGNAL (from Wharfcat’s ACLU Benefit Compilation)
  15. Garbage People by wimps
  16. Buck Me Off by Speedy Ortiz
  17. Pressure by Flasher
  18. Dickshakers Union by Surf City
  19. Fox News Coverage ’68 (Yea I Know It’s a Drag, Assassinating Billionaires Is Still a Radical Imperative) by Mike Donovan
  20. Pink or Die by Drinks
  21. Cops Don’t Care Pt II by Fred Thomas
  22. The Freak Was Clean by Thee Oh Sees
  23. Karoline by Girls Names
  24. Pavement by Deeper
  25. full morrissey by christian fitness
  26. Eat The Rich Peoples Leftovers by NEEDS
  27. Teeth Showing by Tunic
  28. Sound by Blessed
  29. Accident by SLUMB PARTY
  30. Fuck La Migra by Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog
  31. The Payoff by The Sediment Club
  32. Exiled by Criminal Code
  33. Visión de los Vencidos by Junta
  34. Köyhyys pelastaa by Raivoraittius
  35. Dread Iternal by Bill Laswell
  36. #NeverUseTheInternetAgain by Homeboy Sandman & Edan


The next GTRT is coming up 5/20/18 @ 4pm with special guest Mike from Mezzanine Swimmers!
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