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OK, it is time for the second “best of” feature for 2018. This is Volume Two of the Best of 2018. Here are 20 songs for your consideration.

What a Time to Be Alive by Superchunk

Purchase: What a Time to Be Alive

Dog Milk by Palm

Purchase: Rock Island

PSY OPS by Ganser

Purchase: Odd Talk

Gone (ft. Open Mike Eagle) by The Skull Eclipses

Purchase: S/T

HOW’M I SUPPOSED TO WAKE UP IN THE MORNING by Hank Wood and the Hammerheads

Purchase: S/T

23 by SOUL GLO

Pay What You Want: Tour Tape 2k18

Hikikomori by ILSA

Purchase: Corpse Fortress

Low Vulture by Parlor Walls

Purchase: EXO

Trichotillomania by SICK SHIT

Purchase: THICK SPIT

Backhanded Interest by Greber

Purchase: Cemetery Preston

My Contribution to This Scam by Jean Grae & Quelle Chris

Purchase: Everything’s Fine

Nightmare by PHYSIQUE

Purchase: Punk Life Is Shit

My Own Most Hopeless Case by GELD

Purchase: Perfect Texture

Pig and Beast by Deep Red

Purchase: Night Warning EP

The Anti-Self by Gangus

Purchase: Anti-Self

Meddle With Metal by Czarface and MF DOOM

Purchase: Czarface meets Metal Face

Dancing On Glass by Soft Kill

Purchase: Savior

Roach Goin’ Down by Palberta

Purchase: Roach Goin’ Down

Excuse Generator by Lithics

Purchase: Mating Surfaces

fanbase only song by christian fitness

Purchase: nuance – the musical
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