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Hey, here is the latest episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time.

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The Playlist for 6/3/18:

  1. Contemporary by Matthewdavid
  2. Chase∕Miami by They Hate Change
  3. Heavy Rotation by Gangus
  4. Footpaths (X1L3 Remix) by Scanner
  5. With the Terrorists by Big Pauper
  6. Helix (c_c_version) by Walter Gross
  7. Heatwaving by Minibeast
  8. Liquorice by Liars
  9. Young Ox Restraint by GDFX
  10. Liminal Laws by Mezzanine Swimmers
  11. Gravitational VII by Landing
  12. Your Cocoon by Jerry Paper
  13. Stay Disappointed by Wax Chattels
  14. november 163 by gobbinjr
  15. Lost My Brain by Superchunk
  16. Again by Numb.er
  17. Touch Insensitive by Ganser
  18. Pink Showers by Deeper
  19. Country Boys by lié
  20. Twelve Divisions of the Day by Drahla
  21. SUBdued by Lost Boy ?
  22. Statuesque by Youth Man
  23. Suck (US Girls remix) by Priests
  24. Comatose by Gift Wrap
  25. Pain (edit) by Boy Harsher
  26. Tainted by Just Mustard
  27. Leisure by Marbled Eye
  28. Sludge River Mouth by Sleepies
  29. One Chapter In The Book by Minutemen
  30. No Hay Paz by Ruleta Rusa
  31. Terror Prone Nation by Material Support
  32. Disform by Decisions
  33. Backhanded Interest by Greber
  34. The Changeling Prince by Thou
  35. The Nihilist by portrayal of guilt
  36. Mule Skinner by Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs


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