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Hey, here is the latest episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time.

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The Playlist for 6/17/18:

  1. Side A by Stephen Molyneux
  2. Vindaloo by Armand Hammer
  3. Au Revoir (with Milo) by Botany
    RIP Grooms née Muggabears

  5. Dead Kid Kicks by The Muggabears
  6. Now I’ve Got A Sword by The Muggabears
  7. Sister Now by The Muggabears
  8. Dreamsucker by Grooms
  9. Acid King Of Hell (Guitar Feelings) by Grooms
  10. Tiger Trees by Grooms
  11. Imagining the Bodies by Grooms
  12. Sharing by Grooms
  13. Into The Arms (Daytrotter Session) by Grooms
  14. Something I Learned Today by Grooms
  15. Infinity Caller by Grooms
  16. Half Cloud by Grooms
  17. Comb the Feelings Through Your Hair by Grooms
  18. Turn Your Body by Grooms
  19. Some Fantasy by Grooms
  20. Restraints by Orca Orca
  21. Total Football by Parquet Courts
  22. Who’s Got Time? by Flasher
  23. Deadend by Double Grave
  24. Nothing by Amy Klein
  25. You Don’t Need by Body/Head
  26. Slept in Late by Wimps
  27. Short Morgan by Ovlov
  28. Do The Trash Can by Jon Spencer
  29. Everybody Makes Me Steaks by NEEDS
  30. Hypocrite (Negative Approach) by Art of Burning Water
  31. Όπως Δίποτα by Μάτι
  32. Trampled by Light by Secret Cutter
  33. Dead River by Uniform & The Body
  34. Hornet by Power Trip
  35. No Glory by Dropdead


The next GTRT is coming up 7/15/18 @ 4pm with Special Guests from War Bubble and Dead Tenants!! (Sorry, there was no show on 7/1)
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