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This was a very special guests episode with playlists from the Dead Tenants and Smhoak Mosheein (War Bubble). Sorry about the mic level issues and stuff but overall this one is a must listen, particularly if you have a hankering for some Album Oriented Rock.
The Playlist for 7/15/18:

  1. Mope Around by wimps
  2. National Habitat by Idle Pilot
  3. [technical difficulties]

    Dead Tenants’ “collabish” Set

  4. Retractor by Container
  5. Dog Like Sparky by Cardiacs
  6. Warlord by Hype Williams
  7. Dirty Blue Gene by Captain Beefheart
  8. Blue Lotus by Galcher Lustwerk
  9. Let’s Build a Car (Single Version) by Swell Maps
  10. In The Clinches by Colin Stetson
  11. She’s So Tough by Mink DeVille
  12. See Through Head by The Hives
  13. Fade Away by New Age Steppers
  14. Makeshift Swahili by This Heat
  15. Trigger Finger by Zuli
  16. [continued technical difficulties]

    Smhoak Mosheein’s “80’s Movie AOR” Set

  17. Tony Banks – Quicksilver Suite 1: Rebirth (from Quicksilver)
  18. John Farnham – Break the Ice (theme from RAD)
  19. Stan Bush – Fight to Survive (from Bloodsport)
  20. Jean Beauvoir – Feel the Heat (from Cobra)
  21. Mark Safan – Win in the End (from Teen Wolf)
  22. John Farnham – The Quiet Ones You Gotta Watch (from Savage Streets)
  23. Bonnie Pointer – The Beast In Me (from Heavenly Bodies)
  24. Sue Saad – Guilty Pleasures (from Radioactive Dreams)
  25. Billy Burnette – Brother to Brother (theme to Gleaming the Cube)
  26. The Dudes of Wrath – Shocker (reprise) (from Shocker)
  27. The Power Station – We Fight for Love (from Commando)
  28. War Bubble – GOAT of the Cosmos (demo)
  29. Faith No More and Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. – Another Body Murdered (from Judgment Night)
  30. [end guest sets]

  31. Come and See by Uniform & The Body
  32. Stop Getting Second Helpings at the Shit Buffet by Needs
  33. Neuromancer by Parlor Walls
  34. Afterward by Multicult



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gtrt 7-15-18

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