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Hey, I forgot to post some GTRTs, so here is an episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time.

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The Playlist for 7/29/18:

  1. Loss II by Krishna
  2. Embers by Ocoeur
  3. Hari Narayan by Alice Coltrane
  4. Killer Dub by Fletcher Pratt
  5. Live Yr Best Lyf, M’dude by Think Tank
  6. DETTOL by Armand Hammer
  7. Queen Bee by Ghost Funk Orchestra
  8. Fuguefat by The Octopus Project
  9. Deli Run by Ava Luna
  10. I’ve Tortured You Long Enough by Mass Gothic
  11. Slick by Rosie Thorne
  12. Aphex Jim by Golden Drag
  13. Parachute by JEFF The Brotherhood
  14. Fallow State by Thou
  15. Cell Games And Beyond by The Cradle
  16. i don’t wanna die (demo) by Lost Film
  17. Good Times Are Gone Again by Fred Thomas
  18. Brean Down by Beak〉
  19. Used To Yesterday by Smokescreens
  20. Money (Demo) by Sleeping Bag
  21. 96 by lost boy ?
  22. Stick by Ovlov
  23. Better Sex by lié
  24. Latex by exhalants
  25. Percentages by Sauna Youth
  26. seed by ILINX
  27. BLL by SIGNAL
  28. 24 by SOUL GLO
  29. Zaonoid by Alien Trilogy
  30. The Walk by Uniform
  31. Fen of Shadows by Skeletonwitch
  32. Body For The Pile by clipping. feat. SICKNESS


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