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OK, here is the latest episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time.
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The Playlist for 10/7/18:

  1. Position the Inverse by Future Museums
  2. The Bay of Fundy by Jonathan Snipes
  3. Fatechase Maravich by Babe, Terror
  4. Midnight The Stars And You by Deerhoof
  5. Backwaves//Rye by John Atkinson
  6. Secret by Sabriel’s Orb
  7. Black Garlic by Armand Hammer
  8. pure scientific intelligence (quantum) (prod. scallops hotel) by milo
  9. American Beers by Footings
  10. Centerline by Ava Luna
  11. Caught Leaking Light by Golden Drag
  12. Lover by JOBS
  13. can i receive the contact? by the spirit of the beehive
  14. Foundation by Public Practice
  15. Fantastic Trumpets Forever by Swirlies
  16. Games For May by Witch Watch
  17. Rest Yr Skull by Magic Potion
  18. Whispering Walls by Psychic Flowers
  19. A Glow by The Cult Of Lip
  20. Qi Velocity by Peel Dream Magazine
  21. Performative by Collate
  22. ’99 by Minutemen
  23. Laughing Sound by MARBLED EYE
  24. One Cup by Chaser
  25. Escalator Teeth/On and On by METZ
  26. Ailment by The Men
  27. We Are The Ones by Double Dagger
  28. Fed Up by Gouge Away
  29. Siberia by Bitter Lake
  30. Labyrinth of Pain by High Command
  31. Banners Over the Wasteland by Appalachian Terror Unit
  32. Surrender by RASHOÌ„MON
  33. Racist Friend by Special AKA



The next GTRT is coming up 11/4/18 @ 4pm and will feature special guests The Regrets!

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