podcast :: GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time > 9/23/18 (The One That Ends With Jesus Piece, no wait… Brockhampton)

Hey, here is another episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time.
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The Playlist for 9/23/18:

  1. stet (prod. the jefferson park boys) by milo
  2. Temple Dub by Jay Glass Dubs
  3. Green Apple by Guerilla Toss
  4. Naive Castle by Wildhoney
  5. Come True by Single Lash
  6. Distance is a Mirror by Public Practice
  7. Fruit by Pill
  8. Cruel Fog by Exit Group
  9. Melt The Arms by Flat Worms
  10. Blatant by Landowner
  11. Percentages by Sauna Youth
  12. California by Human People
  13. Mosquiter by Stove
  14. Wronk by Fond Han
  15. Cup by Pile
  16. Reset by Dead Tenants
  17. Cop Dream / Black Eye (True Story) by Spider Bags
  18. Rimmer by Glass Slipper
  19. Rat by Hidden Ritual
  20. It’s a Natural Low by Contributors
  21. The Silence by XETAS
  22. Warheads by Borzoi
  23. Quiet Place by exhalants
  24. Negative World by Cruddy
  25. eating alone in my car by SUPER THIEF
  26. Dorks On Bikes by SIGNAL
  27. Police State by Battery Humans
  28. Learning To Be Too Cold by KEN Mode
  29. No Access by Night Witch
  30. Celibate Pop by Spring Breeding
  31. Akumulasi Amarah by Lai
  32. In The Shadow Of The Wing Of The Thing Too Big To Be Seen by Nadja
  33. Open Secret by C.H.E.W.
  34. Gay Guerrilla Terrorism Unit by DICKSÃœCKER
  35. Transcending Dualities by Thou
  36. Neuroprison by Jesus Piece


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