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Savak (Matt Schulz, Michael Jaworski, Sohrab Habibion… members of Edsel, The Obits, Enon, The Cops and Nation of Ulysses) sent us these answers to our questions in this next installment of q and also a.

Their new LP, Beg Your Pardon, is out 11/9/18 via Ernest Jennings Record Co.
q: What is the last song you (really) heard?

matt: “Fist to Fist” by Tomaga.

michael: “Stay” by The Blue Nile.

sohrab: “Amir” by Henri Texier.

q: What is the first album you remember purchasing?

matt: When You Least Expect It by Agent Orange.

michael: The first full-length album I purchased was AC/DC’s For Those About To Rock, We Salute You. Thanks AC/DC dudes!

sohrab: The Halloween Cassette comp. with Gray Matter, The Velvet Monkeys, BMO, and United Mutation.


q: What is the last album that you purchased?

matt: No Zum Zum by Quarteto em Cy; Dorival Caymmi; Vinícius de Moraes; Conjunto Oscar Castro Neves.

michael: Vitriola by Cursive. Long time pals of mine who made a really crushing record after 6 years off. It might even be one of their best, in my humble opinion.

sohrab: Hold On Kid 7” by Shogun And The Sheets.

q: What is one of your favorite memory of experiencing music in a live setting?

matt: Seeing some christian band with my mom when I was 7. it was the first time I felt the kick drum in my chest. it made no sense at all but was ultimately satisfying.
michael: I was 13 or 14 in the basement of some downtown Omaha duplex watching my best friend’s older brothers play a show in a band called Self Gratifukation. Lots of army jackets, mod haircuts, cute older girls, cig smoking and beer drinking. The music was loud, infectious and nasty like I’d never heard, but it inspired a lifelong curiosity and passion to make music.
sohrab: Fugazi and The Cynics at Montgomery College in 1988. The early Fugazi shows were all fun, but this one in particular everyone was dancing and having a genuinely joyous time. The Cynics ripped, too. Another one I’ll never forget is going with my dad to see Jimmy Smith at Blues Alley in DC. We sat up front and I was fascinated by his footwork on the pedals. There was also the time I saw Lou Rawls at the Kennedy Center and split at intermission to go to d.c. space to see Shudder to Think and Unrest.
q: What are the best and worst things about being a musician in 2018?

matt: Lack of money/sleep but the trade off is total fucking freedom.
michael: The best thing is having the absolute freedom to do whatever you want and still occasionally connect with people. There’s truly no pressure to do anything other than what you want to do. There’s nothing bad about it, other than finding enough free time to play as much as I’d like.
sohrab: Curiosity and anxiety. It keeps me engaged with people around the world in a way that makes my small, day to day life more interesting for me. It’s also a lot of work to get anything done, whether there’s anything to actually show for it or not.
q: What piece(s) of culture are you really really excited about right now (if any)?

matt: I suppose I am most excited about the outpouring of positive art being produced, esp by my friends. Evil nearly always begets beauty either as a means of catharsis or coping with it, and shit is pretty evil nowadays.
michael: There’s so much out there to take in. I just saw the Velvet Underground Experience and it was cool but maybe not really, really exciting. I love living in NYC and having access to so many great museums and public works of art. I also just dig riding the subways and seeing what the younger generations are wearing, saying, dancing and singing.
sohrab: The ‘Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power’ exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum is fantastic. And though the art on display is from 1963 to 1983, it’s all very relevant now, both in terms of the content and the way it’s expressed.

q: What should we know about Beg Your Pardon?

matt: Implorare Scusa?
michael: You’ve heard it all before. Only not like this.
sohrab: Just listen and see if it engages you. If not, try again. Or don’t. There’s a lot out there and not everything is for everyone and that’s perfectly okay.
Definitely, listen to some tracks streaming from Beg Your Pardon using this handy bandcamp widget…

You can preorder Beg Your Pardon @ https://savak.bandcamp.com/album/beg-your-pardon
Plus, we posted Door Deals & Debt music video yesterday, but you should probably also watch this killer lyric video to Nature Erased

Oh and Savak are going on tour (in Europe).

  • 11/8/18 @ Bar Chez Chriss (Évreux, FR)
  • 11/9/18 @ Le Zinor (Montaigu, FR) w/ Trainfantome & Brainfreeze
  • 11/10/18 @ Trokson (Lyon, FR) w/ Contractions
  • 11/12/18 @ La Chaouée (Metz, FR)
  • 11/13/18 @ L’Imposture (Lille, FR)
  • 11/14/18 @ Elsewhere (Margate, UK) w/ Dead Kaczynski & You Will Flood the River
  • 11/15/18 @ New River Studios (London, UK) w/ Good Grief, Newts & No Mercury
  • 11/16/18 @ The Square Centre (Nottingham, UK) w/ Grey Hairs, Workin’ Man Noise Unit & Good Grief
  • 11/17/18 @ Outpost (Liverpool, UK) w/ Good Grief & Bleach Sweets

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