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There are 100+ releases from 2018 that are just freaking awesome. I have ordered my best of list in alphabetical order (by first name for individual artists because that’s how iTunes does it, ok), and broke that list down into five separate posts for the music I loved plus one post for some stuff I missed (aka off my radar).
If you like what you hear, considering buying the release (most of this music is available on bandcamp) or better yet, seek out these bands when they are on tour and purchase music/merch directly from the band. I hope you find something that you love.
This post is for P to S: Palberta to Sediment Club.

Roach Goin' Down by Palberta

Rock Island by Palm

EXO by Parlor Walls

Wide Awake! by Parquet Courts

Modern Meta Physic by Peel Dream Magazine

Lost and Found by Period Bomb

Punk Life Is Shit by PHYSIQUE

BUG by Pigeon

Odds and Ends by Pile

Una Volta by PILES

Soft Hell by Pill

Lobotomobile by Playboy Manbaby


Let Pain Be Your Guide by portrayal of guilt

Grand Bargain! by Poster Children

Greasetrap Frisbee by Preening

Consolation E.P. by Protomartyr

Distance is a Mirror by Public Practice

病原菌X Pathogen X by RASHŌMON

Penance by Russian Baths

S/T by Saturday Night

Deaths by Sauna Youth

sovereign nose of (y)our arrogant face by scallops hotel

Control by SCUMRAID

Worship by SECT MARK

Stucco Thieves by Sediment Club

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If you want to stream a bunch of these songs and maybe some others check out these playlists:
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6NWKdWwxER1z2IcvpguSLA
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/gimmetinnitus/sets/gt-reposted-best-of-2018
AND remember there’s always lots to stream at:


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