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OK, here is the latest episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time!
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The Playlist for 11/18/18:

  1. Human Being by Lia Mice
  2. Towards the Shadow by wume
  3. Hubris in Real Time by Al Lover
  4. 40 Acres by Chester Watson
  5. Opened Hate by YMDSIH
  6. Model Express by Cindy Lee
  7. Cup of Seashells at Neural Tower by Dustin Wong
  8. Dan Goldberg Goes to Ralph’s Deli by Katrina Stonehart
  10. Haru by didi
  11. Domestic Gesture by Miss Rayon
  12. SODA LIME by hotline
  13. Action by Constant Mongrel
  14. Sexy National Anthem by Cheekface
  15. Super Pop by Washer
  16. Dead Dick by SAVAK
  17. Duckling Fantasy by stove
  18. That’s Alright by Meat Wave
  19. Doughnation by Rick Rude
  20. Quarter Life Crisis by Ben Katzman
  21. Prohibido by crammm
  23. Hydraulic Saint (Live) by The Sediment Club
  24. For Plants Hanging by JUICE
  25. IDEAL by Pigeon
  26. Satan In The Wait by Daughters
  27. Pisss by SICK HEAD
  28. Enemigos by tipex
  29. Turncoat by Gutter Knife
  30. Among Friends by portrayal of guilt
  31. Tulip Staircase by Greta
  32. The Devils by ILSA
  33. Corpse of Cortez by Dirge
  34. Halcyon by Windhand
  35. Stay Away by Charles Bradley



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newtown radio is moving

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