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OK, here is the latest episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time!
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The Playlist for 1/27/19:

  1. Revolution Day by Yoruba Singers
  2. Babylon Dub by Bunny Lee Prince Jammy & The Aggrovators
  3. Eyedropper by USF
  4. Deepfake by DEEP LEARNING
  5. Imetawan by Ahmed Ag Kaedy
  6. Hi Scores by Boards of Canada
  7. Slippery Slope (ft. billy woods, Open Mike Eagle & Breezly Brewin) by Blockhead
  8. Corn Maze by Aesop Rock & TOBACCO are Malibu Ken
  9. Northside LSD by DJ SPEEDSICK
  10. Energy by Big K.R.I.T
  11. Coi by Chester Watson
  12. U.F.O by ESG
  13. Beautiful Crystals by Sunwatchers
  14. Lonely Stars by Lealani
  15. The Architect by Jane Weaver
  16. All This Light by Lip Talk
  17. another blade of grass by Brightest Night to Memory
  18. Keep The Blues Away by Business Of Dreams
  19. The Dirt The Dancing by This is Lorelei
  20. Backstab by Powersolo
  21. Draw The Line by Current Affairs
  22. Breeding Feeling by Current Affairs
  23. Dark Speed by Failure
  24. La Atlantida by Fatamorgana
  25. The Midnight Underground by Crime of Passing
  26. Coma by Kindling
  27. Internal Credit by Internal Credit
  28. Mind Control by Asbestos Beach
  29. It’s Not Funny Anymore by Violent Bullshit
  30. El Apocalipsis es ahora by Ladrona
  31. Half Truth by Nuvolascura
  32. Matamoros by USA/Mexico
  33. Her Blood is Gold by Mar
  34. Conspiracy Theories by Gauche



The next GTRT is coming up 2/24/19 @ 4pm!
(no show this week… sorry)

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