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OK, here is the latest episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time with special guest GIGGLY BOYS!
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BTW, you can see Giggly Boys tonight at Rose Gold with The Willful Boys, Cheex and Las Hormiguitas!
Giggly Boys at Rose Gold 2-27-19
The Playlist for 2/24/19:

  • Boy Scout by Patio
  • Validation by Teen Body
  • Atto I by Be Forest
  • Used To It by Glued
  • Taffy by Leggy
  • Six Rivers by Dreamtigers
  • Good Time Charlie by Priests
    GIGGLY BOYS “bands that we have played with” Playlist

    Giggly Boys “Another Close Call” from Another Close Call b/w Dead Again 7″
    The Wilful Boys “Head Check” from Life Lessons
    Thick “Lyfe” from Would You Rather
    Patois Counselors “Clean Skits” from S/T 7″
    The Gotobeds “Affection” from Poor People are Revoltiong
    Milk Dick “Kids on the Corner” from It Grows on You
    Fat Spirit “Cave” from Nihilist Blues
    Oceanator “Mistakes” from Lows
    Should’ve “Down” from Flesh From Bone
    Bambara “Jose Tries to Leave” from Shadow on Everything
    Giggly Boys “House of Janes” from Tap Tap Tap on a Fragile Bowl
    Cheex “Shut Up” from Youtube
    Lithics “Excuse Generator” from Mating Surfaces
    Honey “Dream Come Now’ from New Moody Judy
    Taiwan Housing Project “Authentic Alien Perfume” from Veblen Death Mask
    Weeping Icon “Jail Billz” from Eyeball Under
    Psychic Teens “Hex” from Hex


  • Hit the Rocks by Giggly Boys
  • Fear of Death by Stringer (RIP Mark Fletcher)
  • Make It Up by Shady Bug
  • Selective Memory by Collate
  • Only From One Side by Truth Cult
  • The Jaws by XETAS
  • Loading the Gun by DEVIANT
  • The Solution (Is Resistance) (الحل الممقاومة) by HARAM
  • Policia No Me Pegue by MALDITA
  • Me das asco by Heterofobia
  • Forest Pt. 1 (Blind Willow Sleeping Woman) by Ernia
  • Force Fed by State Funeral
  • Uterine Industrialisation by Vemon Prison
  • Cheat Code by wiki



UPDATE! The next GTRT is coming up 3/10/19 @ 4pm! Woo.

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Giggly Boys at Newtown Radio

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