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OK, here is the latest episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time! This one is a total flashback to 2009.
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The “2009” Playlist for 3/10/19:

  1. Glow Wreath by Aa
  2. West Coast by Junk Culture
  3. Sinister Skies by Pollination
  4. Die Slow by HEALTH
  5. When Your Mask Is Your Revealing Feature by The Oranges Band
  6. Perfect Fit by Apostle Of Hustle
  7. Fear! by Shark?
  8. (Baby) You’re A Starfish by Thick Shakes
  9. Talking To The Dog by Obits
  10. Extinction by The Soft Pack
  11. It #1 by Ty Segall
  12. Ruby Go Home by Thee Oh Sees
  13. In The Dark by Gun Outfit
  14. English Cities by Brilliant Colors
  15. Dreamsucker by Grooms
  16. You’re A Target by No Age
  17. First Daze by Pterodactyl
  18. Ghost Colony by Tape Deck Mountain
  19. Move To California by Times New Viking
  20. Never Learn Not To Run by Antimagic
  21. Forever by Love Of Diagrams
  22. Deadbeat by A Place To Bury Strangers
  23. Bell by Screaming Females
  24. Crown On The Ground by Sleigh Bells
  25. New Guitar by Mi Ami
  26. No Allies by Double Dagger
  27. Goes Cube Song 30 by Goes Cube
  28. Mysterium by Liturgy
  29. Dimensional Bleedthrough by Krallice
  30. Combination Pizza Hut And Taco Bell (Wallpaper. RMX) by Das Racist








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