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OK, here is the latest episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time! It features our best of 2019 (so far).
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The Playlist for 4/21/19:

  1. Stereotype by Dan Francia
  2. Wolf by Krallice
  3. Tuesday by Aesop Rock & TOBACCO are Malibu Ken
  4. Slippery Slope ft. billy woods, Open Mike Eagle & Breezly Brewin by Blockhead
  5. Keep The Blues Away by Business Of Dreams
  6. Conspiracy Theories by Gauche
  7. Happy Trails (Motherfuckers) by Violent Bullshit
  8. Hubris in Real Time by Al Lover
  9. Blessed by tunic
  10. High Score Zed by Eric Copeland
  11. Powers and Stuff by Czarface & Ghostface Killah
  12. Atto I by Be Forest
  13. Money Don’t Grow on Trees by Sneaks
  14. Left for Dead by Mike Krol
  15. Peace Siren by Buck Gooter
  16. La Atlántida by Fatamorgana
  17. Houmeissa by Hama
  18. Floating City by Julia Kent
  19. Taffy by Leggy
  20. Make It Up by Shady Bug
  21. Force-Fed by State Funeral
  22. Uterine Industrialisation by Venom Prison
  23. Everything is a T-Shirt by Preening
  24. Man Is The Loneliest Animal by Uranium Club
  25. Gilded Cloud by Drahla
  26. Eternity Leave by Cheekface
  27. Rainbow Shiner by Ex Hex
  28. Hair So Big by Urochromes
  29. Obamacare by Quelle Chris
  30. spongebob by billy woods
  31. Universal Untruths by Misery Index
  32. Bruxist Grin by Pile
  33. Clearwater by They Hate Change
  34. The Seduction of Kansas by PRIESTS
  35. Rolled In Glass by Blessed
  36. Respiration by The Lasso
  37. Heal the Weak by Big Business
















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GT Best of 2019

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