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OK, here is episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time from early April.

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The Playlist for 4/7/19:

  1. Miserlou by Dick Dale (RIP)
  2. Takamba Remix (Bonus Track) by Hama
  3. Kamane Tarhanin by Mdou Moctar
  4. Heads (RAMZi Remix) by Eric Copeland
  5. spongebob by billy woods
  6. Spray and Pray by Quelle Chris
  7. Seven by Wu-Lu
  8. Clearwater by They Hate Change
  9. Thrilling by ewonee.
  10. Neverend by Ela Orleans
  11. 10 Minutos de la Tierra by Fatamorgana
  12. Feel So Great by Garcia Peoples
  13. Personal Pronouns by Big Supermarket
  14. Box Elder by Holly Golightly
  15. Hot Shot by Kim Deal
  16. Purpose And Conviction by Blessed
  17. Control Freak by PRIESTS
  18. Styrofoam by Fugazi
  19. Michael’s Soliloquy by Uranium Club
  20. Hair So Big by Urochromes
  21. Start To Move by Wire
  22. Basement Life by Superchunk (from the Dope, Guns, And Fucking In The Streets comp series)
  23. Glimmer Dot by Bailter Space (from the Dope, Guns, And Fucking In The Streets comp series)
  24. Cookie Doesn’t Sing by Brainiac (from the Dope, Guns, And Fucking In The Streets comp series)
  25. Lotion Pocket by Godheadsilo (from the Dope, Guns, And Fucking In The Streets comp series)
  26. Cypress by HAUNTED HORSES
  27. S Curve (alternate) by Multicult
  28. Annalisa by Sleepies
  29. DO THEY OWE US a LIVING? (1977) by Crass
  30. The Soft Hands of Stephen Miller by Pile
  31. Stems by Eye Flys
  32. Monstruosidades Salvajes by Los Huaycos
  33. Impulse Crush by Ithaca
  34. Decline and Fall by Misery Index
  35. Amateur Hour by Low Scores









Sorry, no show this week. The next GTRT will be on 5/19 @ 4pm!

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gtrt 4-7-19

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