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OK, here is the latest episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time! It features a bunch of tracks from the Post-Trash: Volume Four compilation.
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The Playlist for 5/19/19:

  1. Pure Auto by METZ
  2. Let Them Grind by Big Business
  3. I Want by B Boys
  4. Useful by CELL
  5. Schlock by Borzoi (Post-Trash: Volume Four)
  6. Force Fed by Employed To Serve
  7. Cult Of The Throne by Ilsa
  8. saccharine trance by nuvolascura
  9. Clown Pain by Brandy
  10. Hey Motherfucker by Exhalants (Post-Trash: Volume Four)
  11. Function by Spring Breeding
  12. Cops in Studs by TALC
  13. Swallow by Gouge Away
  14. Surveilled Society by Gauche
  15. Your Sister Says John (On cover) by Hellrazor (Post-Trash: Volume Four)
  16. Where You Stay by Greg Electric (Post-Trash: Volume Four)
  17. Dark Stains by Exploded View (Post-Trash: Volume Four)
  18. Narrative Fiction by New Berlin
  19. Floating Hand by NOTS
  20. Delicacy by Omni
  21. Double Vision by Scrunchies
  22. Endgame by Patio
  23. Better by Shell (of a Shell) (Post-Trash: Volume Four)
  24. Panoptic Living by Perplex
  26. The Conversation by Sacred Paws
  27. Garden City Blues by Silkworm
  28. X.T.Y. by Sneaks
  29. Parkways by Fred Thomas
  30. I Want Have It by Peel Dream Magazine (Post-Trash: Volume Four)
  31. Too Hot by Tight Knit
  32. Naive Castle by Wildhoney
  33. candle wax by Squitch
  34. Land of the Dead by Buck Gooter (Post-Trash: Volume Four)
  35. After The Wall by Traps PS (Post-Trash: Volume Four)
  36. Harbinger of Nothing (cut off) by Vile Creature

There are tracks from the 40-track Post-Trash: Volume Four compilation peppered through out this playlist. This is a charity compilation that benefits RAICES in Texas. You can help separated families, detained families, unaccompanied minors, and those who are seeking asylum here in the U.S. and get some killer music at the same time! If you have already, go pick it up and donate-what-you-want!







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post trash vol 4

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