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OK, here is the latest episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time!
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The Playlist for 6/30/19:

  1. Manifest Decimation by Power Trip
  2. Beneath It All by Employed To Serve
  3. The New Elite by PRIVATE ROOM
  4. Grieflex by Multicult
  5. Consumismo Libertario by MALCRIA
  6. Paint It Black by Kriegshog
  7. We’ll Sleep When They’re Dead by Poor Excuse
  8. Cheapskate by Dead Tenants
  9. Kill Appeal by Greys
  10. Bring Back British Rail by Hygiene
  11. Dogs by Knife Wife
  12. The Conversation by Sacred Paws
  13. clockwork universe by normal state
  14. Spit On by cigarette
  15. Golden Babyland by Lina Tullgren
  16. Lauren Laurano by Spider and the Webs
  17. Derailing by The Casual Dots
  18. LAX by Kristin Hersh
  19. Lost Power by French Vanilla
  20. Can’t Keep Up by Dee-Parts
  21. Never Nowhere by Maneka
  22. getting stuck is funny sometimes by christian fitness
  23. Favorite Friend by stove
  24. Idle Hour by MARBLED EYE
  26. Technical College by NEUTRALS
  27. Tube Reducer by Booji Boys
  28. the unclearness is very clear by philary
  29. Style by Urochromes
  30. Cream by MANNEQUIN PUSSY
  31. Beef Hits by dumb
  32. Sociopathetic by exhalants
  33. Smokejumper by A Deer A Horse
  34. Wine Flies by Upper Wilds
  35. Post Requisite by Flying Lotus
  36. I Can’t Go On Without Dub by Bunny Lee Prince Jammy & The Aggrovators
  37. Skinheads A Bash Them by Claudette & The Corporation



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