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Sooooo, here is the latest episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time!

The Somewhat Random Playlist for 7/14/19:

  1. A Candle the Color of Teeth by Opening Bell
  2. Lattice by The Wayward
  3. Scimitar Blues by HEX MACHINE
  4. One Cup by Chaser
  5. Another Genius Idea From Our Government by Erase Errata
  6. Forget by Mission of Burma
  7. Tie A Rope To The Back Of The Bus by Superchunk
  8. Impossible Bouquet by No Age
  9. Silk Spirit by Drahla
  10. Punch Drunk by Hüsker Dü
  11. West Of The Fields by R.E.M.
  12. Summer Baby by Pavement
  13. We’re Desperate (Single Version) by X
  14. Tru Punk by Ovlov
  15. Motorbike by Flat Worms
  16. Nice New Outfit by Fugazi
  17. Impulse Crush by Ithaca
  18. The Badger Song by The Dead Milkmen
  19. Down Under by Men At Work
  20. C Town by Javelin
  21. No Fate by Stimulant
  22. Less Than Zero by Elvis Costello
  23. Rock Lobster by The B-52’s
  24. Eastern State by Kindling
  25. Corridors by Noveller
  26. Bleeding Powers by Ted Leo + The Pharmacists
  27. Contaminant by Stimulant
  28. Ilegal, ¿Y Qué? by Los Crudos
  29. Shadow by Grass Widow
  30. Black And White by The Raincoats
  31. Guilty of Being…. Wait by SOUL GLO
  32. Human Cannonball by Butthole Surfers
  33. Get Better by Night Witch
  34. See Water by Beck
  35. Strawberry Bomber by FLESH WORLD
  36. Infinity Guitars by Sleigh Bells
  37. .gov by philary
  38. Negative by Big Ups
  39. Control by SCUMRAID
  40. Raw Light Overture by Botany
  41. Pay Day by Gauche
  42. All Along The Uxbridge Road by Chubby and The Gang












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GTRT 7-14-19

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