album stream :: GREYS (a compilation benefiting the Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees)

Leverage Models and Anachronisme Records have released GREYS, a 21-track compilation benefitting the Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees. The contributors to the comp “used material from Leverage Models’, Whites album as a creative starting point”. The idea was to create “a musical ‘conversation’ with the original material.”

GREYS features a wide range of artists including GT favs Courtship Ritual, Kill Alters and William Tyler.

The tracklisting is as follows…

  1. Booker Stardrum – Bring On The Fog (feat. Leverage Models)
  2. Leverage Models – Very Small People (Grant Zubritsky Remix)
  3. Xenia Rubinos – BUGEISHA (Director’s Cut)
  4. Leverage Models – A Scout’s Prayer (Quilla Remix)
  5. Courtship Ritual – Uncle Incision
  6. Field Guides – If I Let You Stay (Leverage Models Cover)
  7. C.J. Boyd – Day One (Leverage Models Cover)
  8. Kill Alters – Free
  9. Leverage Models – Dark Pools (DOV Remix)
  10. Ben Seretan – When The Money’s Gone (Leverage Models Cover)
  11. Leverage Models – Masons (Whites Outtake)
  12. Emanuel Ayvas – Day One (Leverage Models Cover)
  13. Wendy Eisenberg – If I Let You Stay (Leverage Models Cover)
  14. Trevor Dunn – Neurologically Lost (feat. Leverage Models)
  15. Names of War – A Scout’s Prayer (Leverage Models Cover)
  16. Lori Scacco – Walking With Animals (feat. Leverage Models)
  17. Eliot Krimsky – When The Money’s Gone (Leverage Models Cover)
  18. Concierge Records, The Working Elite – Day Two
  19. Dave Scanlon (feat. Louisa Denison) – Senators (Leverage Models Cover)
  20. William Tyler – She Swims in Hidden Water
  21. Leverage Models – Instructions (Whites Outtake)




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