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OK, it is time for the third “best of” feature for 2019. This right here is Volume Three of the Best of 2019. Here are twenty releases for your consideration.
Listen. Love. Buy.

The Language Of Injury by Ithaca

Clown Pain by Brandy

Delicacy / I Don't Dance by Omni

3 by NOTS

Dudu by B Boys

In These Times by Spirituals

High Anxiety by Oozing Wound

Kebab Disco by NEUTRALS

Landscaper by Hellrazor

Sticky by halfsour

you are the ambulance by christian fitness

A Journey Into Madness by Scrap Brain

Squaresoft / Cowboys by Operator Music Band

West Coast by Homeboy Sandman

No Vision by Grim Streaker

Pigments EP by Ava Luna


Run Around The Sun by Sacred Paws

(purchase from Merge)
Private Sector by Hygiene

(buy from Upset The Rhythm)
Life Cinema by USA Nails

Light Blues by cigarette

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