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Sooooo, here is the latest episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time with special guest, Trevor Peterson of Fire Talk Records/Woodsman/Gem Trails!

The Fire Talk 10th Anniversary Playlist for 8/25/19:

  1. Morning Beach by Gem Trails (w/ interview)
  2. Mid Creek by Gem Trails (w/ interview)
  3. Trash Hits by Aa (BIG A Little a)
  4. Love Me Denver by Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk
  5. Feel Okay by corey flood
  6. Take Me Home or I Die Alone by Dead Gaze
  7. Wave by Scully
  8. Run by Deeper
  9. I’ll Go Home by Campfires
  10. Enough by Fran
  11. Whatever Brings You Peace of Mind by Nassau
  12. Ripe for Consumption by Weeping Icon
  13. Pass You In The Night by Erasers
  14. Paper Window by halfsour
  15. Rolling Back The Dial (feat. Hand Habits) by Dark Tea
  16. Lucky by DEHD
  17. Boy Scout by patio
  18. Motivate by Media Jeweler
  19. Hindsight II by GOLD DIME
  20. Everything is Moving so Fast by The Spookfish
  21. Carsong by Turnip King
  22. Angelfish by ADVAETA
  23. Adore by Dreamcrusher
  24. Black Chalk by EARRING
  25. Long Bridge by Murals
  26. Humdrum by Woodsman
  27. Boneyard by Flower Orgy





All of whom are playing tonight at Baby’s All Right!

The next GTRT is coming up 9/8/19 @ 4pm! with special guest, Stephen Pierce from Kindling!

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