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OK, it is time for the fourth “best of” feature for 2019. This right here is Volume Four of the Best of 2019. Here are twenty releases for your consideration.
GT best of 2019 vol 4
Listen. Love. Buy.

Mike Donovan – Exurbian Quonset

French Vanilla – How Am I Not Myself?

A Deer A Horse – Everything Rots That Is Rotten EP


Booji Boys – Tube Reducer

Greys – Age Hasn’t Spoiled You


exhalants – …trample the cross underfoot…

dumb – Club Nites

philary – I Complain

Employed To Serve – Eternal Forward Motion

METZ – Automat

Tycho – Weather

Weeping Icon – s/t

Deadbeat Beat – How Far

floral print – s/t

MANEKA – Devin

Luurel Varas – New World

Multicult – Simultaneity Now

Powerplant – People In The Sun

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